Janine Subgang

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Janine Subgang is a well-known Web3 community leader, with an impressive track record in the industry. At 24 she was the Executive Director of a Dutch VC fund, before she started to mentor startups in the crypto space on their road to product market fit. Her influence can be seen in various groups like Fridao, which she co-founded; CryptoMondays London, or Thursdao.Combined, these boast over 2,000 members. Janine is an award-winning entrepeneur and Web3 conference speaker. She speaks on the topic of Web3 mass adoption and product design at conferences like NFT.NYC or in the House of Lords. Having been a Visiting Student and Alumni of Oxford University, she enjoys bringing academia and Web3 together. Janine has always been passionate about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. Currently, she is helping develop the Web3 standard for DEIB and is a reviewer at the Crypto Research and Design Lab.